Somali teenage girl in critical condition after being shot in Minneapolis building

A teenage girl is currently fighting for her life at Hennepin Healthcare after being shot in a building along Lake Street and Pleasant Avenue in Minneapolis on Saturday night. According to witnesses, the girl was heard screaming for help from the top floor of the building, which is connected to the Karmel Mall.

Seleban Ali, who attended the Somali Independence Day festival, said that he and others heard the woman screaming and tried to help her. “A lot of people were here, maybe 200 people or 300 people,” he said. “It’s sad, it’s no good. I like peace always.”

Minneapolis police responded to the area around 10:30 p.m. and found the girl, who is in her mid-teens, had been shot. Police say her injuries are life-threatening and that they are still investigating the incident, with no arrests made yet.

The shooting has sparked concern and outrage in the community, with many calling for an end to gun violence in the city. This incident comes amid a surge of gun violence in Minneapolis, with over 200 people shot in the city this year alone.

City officials have vowed to take action to address the issue, with Mayor Jacob Frey announcing new measures to combat gun violence in the city, including increased police presence and new community-based programs aimed at reducing violence.

The incident also highlights the ongoing debate over gun control in the United States, with calls for stricter regulations on firearms in the wake of mass shootings and rising gun violence in many cities.

The shooting of a teenage girl in Minneapolis has once again brought attention to the issue of gun violence in the city and the larger debate over gun control in the country.

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