Somali students arrive in Serbia for scholarship programme

A group of Somali students arrived in Belgrade, Serbia after winning a scholarship to enrol on programs at Serbia universities.

Scholarships for the students were granted by Serbia as more Somali students are expected to arrive later.

Somali students will enrol in several programs in different universities in Serbia.

The Somali Ambassodor to serbia, Mohamed Abdullahi received the students at Belgrade on Wednesday.

´´The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Somalia in Belgrade & its Ambassador is pleased to welcome Somali students to study in Serbia after successfully fulfilling the requirements of the Serbian scholarship known as “WORLD IN SERBIA”. Somali Ambassodor to Serbia said in a brief statement.

Somalia–Serbia relations are foreign relations between Somalia and Serbia. Both countries maintain diplomatic relations established between Somalia and Serbia, following Somali independence from Italy in the 1960s.

Serbia formerly had an embassy in Mogadishu, and there is archived correspondence between the Yugoslav embassies in Mogadishu and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1975.

In early 2015, Serbia appointed its first ambassador to Somalia, Ivan Zivkovic (who was also ambassador to Kenya).

The then-Serbian president met with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamed in February and received a warm welcome from the Somali government.


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