Somali protesters denounce suicide attack in the holy city of Madina

Hundreds of protesters staged demonstrations in Somali capital Mogadishu on Monday against recent suicide attack on holy city of Madina.

The demonstrators who eventually gathered at historic mosque in Mogadishu chanted anti terror slogans while displaying placards showing the significance of protecting the Islamic holy sites and the resting place of the holy prophet (P.B.U.H.)

Federal government of Somalia officials from the ministry of religious affairs and the members of Somali religious council who organized the demonstrations attended the event.

Some of Somali religious scholars who spoke to the demonstrators have stressed the need to respect religious holy sites saying attack like the one on Madina in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia last week is unacceptable to Muslims across the globe.

Union of Somali religious scholars press statement on Sunday condemned attacks on holy sites and despicable terror attacks in Somalia, Yemen, Turkey, Iraq and Syria.

They called for united response to combat terror globally.

Four Saudi security officers were killed when suicide bomber detonated his car near the mosque of the holy prophet S.A.W  in Madina last week.

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