Somali Prime Minister Says Government Works Towards Debt Waiver & Self Dependence

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre who gave a speech at a workshop to present the achievements of the Ministry of Finance said that his government is working on how to get a waiver of debt owed to the international financial institutions.

Kheyre added that the government will do all possible means to make sure that the country stands on its own and should not be getting funds or other benefits through third parties.

“The goal of my government is to work on anything that will make sure Somalia gets a waiver of its debt in the future. How to get our share from the world economic support programs. How to stop getting things (funds) through third parties. How to be a sovereign country which has money to buy things. How to arrive at a point where the Somali business community is convinced with the government and the vice versa. How to create employment opportunities for the jobless Somali people. How to do something about the security. How to produce enough food so that we will not be busy depending on foreign aids every year. If you are looking for an answer to those (issues), you don’t find it outside the country. It is found within you. The answer and its implementation are required from you,” said the Prime Minister.

Although many people criticize the government for not meeting the people’s expectations, there are tangible indicators that Somalia is, at last, moving forward to regain its sovereignty.

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