Somali President and Muslim ambassadors discuss Muslim world challenge in Iftar

Somali President invited Muslim ambassadors serving in the country to Iftar program in his residence in the capital Mogadishu.

The leaders discussed issues affecting Muslim world in an Iftar program organized by Somali government in the presidential palace, Villa Somalia.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Muslim envoys deliberated challenges and the way forward in the security and economic tests facing Muslim population across the globe.

The ambassadors on the other side welcomed progress in Somalia and reiterated their continuous support for the people and federal government of Somalia.

According to survey, Somalia is one of the Muslim countries that has registered tremendous progress in security as far as fight against terror groups compared to Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Muslim countries have be tremendous in helping Somalia in terms of reconstruction, humanitarian and security agencies training in an effort to rebuild key collapse government institutions in thec return of peace and stability in the country.

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