Somali PM Hassan Khayre Attends Conference on Somalia in Brussels

A delegation led by Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre landed in Brussels last night to attend security conference on Somalia.

The conference is expected to convene today and will be chaired by the Somali Premier.

The conference will also be attended by European Union officials and Somali security stakeholders with a view to negotiate plans to build the capacity of the Somali National Army (SNA) in the ongoing transition process before the exit of AMISOM. The government is expected to table its security transition plans.

This conference follows a previous one held in Mogadishu last week, where it was decided that a follow up meeting would be held.

Foreign governments keen on resolving the Somali crisis have each been proposing — at various meetings — security road maps, which are different in nature and complex to execute.

AMISOM troops, comprised of forces from different African countries, jointly and separately support Somalia’s security forces in maintaining peace across the nation.

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