Somali MP wounded in Alshabaab attack in Mogadishu

Somali Member of Parliament was wounded in Mogadishu by Alshabaab gunmen on Tuesday morning.

The attack on honorable Mohamed Ali Dhere in Hamarweyne district also claimed the lives of two body guards.

The gunmen escaped the scene immediately and armed group Alshabaab later claimed the responsibility of the attack.

The attack comes as Somali National Army backed by AMISOM troops launched offensive against Alshabaab in several fronts in the south of the war torn state.

Somali National Army said six Al Shabaab commanders have been killed over the past  few days as the allied forces intensify the war against thet group.

The group often targets senior government officials in retaliation.

Several attacks on Somali legislators were claimed by the group which sees the western backed government as “apostate a puppet” of the enemies of Islam.

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