Somali military court sentences Dallo airliner “laptop bomb” plotters

Somali military court has on Monday sentenced suspects behind the Somali airliner attack on February this year.

In a ruling read before the court by the chairman of Somali military court General Hassan Ali Nur Shute, four people were convicted for the attack.

The court sentenced Abdiweli Mohamed Maow and Areys Hashi Abdi to life in prison while in absentia.

Whereas Safiyo Abdullahi Hassan and Abshir Mohamed Maalim were sentenced to four years in prison respectively for their role in the attack.

According to the chairman of the court, the head of airport aviation security officer Abdiweli Mohamed Maow facilitated the attack by colluding with the attackers and thus life in jail.

Armed group Alshabaab claimed the responsibility for the attack that killed the suspected suicide bomber and wounded several others on early February this year.

They said they were targeting Nato and Turkish intelligence officials on board the airliner.

Turkish airlines since suspended its flight to Somalia for security reasons has resumed last week after assurance.

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