Somali Intelligence Chief accuses Diaspora Youth for Carrying out Majority of Suicide Attacks in Somalia during his address at the SNY Conference in Mogadishu

Mogadishu – General Adurahman Mohamed Tuur Yare the commander of the Somali Intelligence Agency has on Friday confessed that the majority of the explosions and suicide attacks in Somalia are carried out by Somalis who are from the Diaspora, during an address at the Somali National Youth Conference held in Mogadishu.

Likewise the general has urged the youths who are sending money to Alshabab and those who are luring youths to join Alshabab and at the end of the day commit suicide to stop

“The Somali youths from the Diaspora are the ones who carry out suicide and other related attacks in the country, we are urging the youth not to be deceived by evils and to reject the evil acts” said General Tuur Yare.

He has also added that mostly the youths are tricked to join the terror groups in the social Medias and asked them to be very conscious during the time they are on the socials media.

“Alshabab is longer in its full strength they are now heavy weakened, and all they do these days are carrying out suicide attacks, and the question which needs to be understood is that for how long can they be doing these attacks forever or not?” added Tuur Yare.

The comments of the General comes amid some of the local youth who feel to have been marginalized and overpowered by the Diaspora youth  have taken to the social media to express their views about the National Youth conference and its believed that the comments from  General Tuuryare who himself is from the local youth, could trigger new divisions within the Somali youth.

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