Somali Innocent Citizen Identified in a UN Report as A Suicide Bomber Demands Compensation

A Somali innocent citizen who was identified in a UN Monitoring report as the suicide bomber who killed himself in Bosaso police station attack and killed a police commander on August 4, 2014, demanding  compensation from the UN Monitoring Group for Eritrea and Somalia, Mohamed Abukar Zubeyr explains about his ordeal in an exclusive interview with Horn Observer.

“You see, I am a live and I am the person,” Mohamed Abukar Zubeyr said raising his eyebrows.

“I am the one appearing in this video but I was declared a dead man.”

Zubeyr, 30, is graduate from International Islamic University, Malaysia with Master Decree in management and he is the current Director General of Somalia’s Ministry of Constitutional Affairs. He previously served various positions in non-governmental institutions including SIMAD University as the head of Public Relations department, deputy head of Faculty of Business Administration, he is aco-founder of Jobkey University. Zubeyr is also served as the former president of Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU).

A report issued by the Security Council Committee pursuant to resolutions 751 (1992) and 1907 2009) concerning Somalia and Eritrea, which was submitted to the UN Security Council on October 10, 2014, alleges Mr. Zubeyr as the bomber, responsible for killing of the Bosaso Division Police commander, Abdurahman Ali Hussein aka “Muslim”, and also injuring nine other people.

“It was one of most shocking moments in my life time after  I saw the report, I could not believe to see my passport copy published in UN Monitoring Group report as a the suicide bomber who carried out heinous attack in Bosaso,” Mohamed Abukar Zubeyr, Director General of Somalia’s Ministry of Constitutional Affairs said.

He added “millions of questions started popping up in my mind, I asked myself who was behind such lie.

“Whoever was behind the idea to call me a suicide bomber it was the UN SEMG’s responsibility to fact check it, but they didn’t do it” the Director General of Somalia’s Ministry of Constitutional Affairs continued.

“Now my reputation is tarnished my life is in danger and I am suffering a lot because of the damages this report caused to my life,,” cried Zubeyr  “I am fearful of my life.”

It was September 2013, when doubtful Waagacusub dubious  website published the first smear article alleging Zubeyr as government defector who joined the ranks of Al Shabaab. The Story further mentions Zubeyr among three Al Shabaab assassins who carry out targeted killings in Mogadishu and surrounding areas. The news website also published the same passport, Zubeyr’s photograph as well as family photo, other members of the of my family are also at risk.

The smear campaign against Zubeyr and his family started at a critical period that he was the president Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU). The FESTU fired Omar Faruk Osman who served at the time as Secretary General of FESTU, who was accused of corruption and denial of accountability requested by both audits and the members of the General Assembly of the trade union center.

In What seems to be an apparent revenge, Omar Faruk Osman published Zubeyr personal data including Passport, photographs and family photos on the website, where he is believed to be the English Editor and  created a life threatening situation which he aimed to put Zubeyr’s life in danger.

“Faruk is the man behind all this defaming, forged accusation against me as an innocent citizen, because we were close friends, we worked together and we travelled together to several international forums to represent our country.” Zubeyr explained, “He had my personal information including my passport, because we were working at the same office. Similarly, I have copies of his three passports, including his UK passport, the Somali Passport and Djibouti passports.”

“If I am not a person living with ethics, if I am as rubbish as Omar Faruk and Dahir Alasow, I would publish those copies online and call him terrorist or whatever” Zubeyr added.

According to Zubeyr, soon after the Bosaso incident in 2014, several news websites associated with Omar Faruk Osman and DahirAlasow, who manage more than 35 websites published the news story of the suicide attack, identifying him as the bomber, a farther step intended damaging his personality.

“After failing to put my life in danger in their smear publication, they cheated the UN SEMG, which published my name and passport in its report. The fact is that I am alive and have nothing to do with the suicide bomber who exploded himself 13 months ago,” Mr. Zubeyr said, “But he decided to kill myself if assassinations didn’t work for him he started to publish my identity in order to  deface my image.”

Horn Observer investigative unit sent email communication to the Somalia and Eretria Monitoring Group (SEMG) requesting for information on the subject in question and how their report obtained the findings, which related Zubeyr as a suicide bomber.

In Response to the email communications the UN SEMG explained how they obtained the details on innocent Zubeyr.

Babatunde Taiwo, former SEMG Armed group’s expert, who was in charge of the subject in question said in email response “Following the incident in Bossaso in 2014 and a series of enquiries with the Office of President Gaas and the Puntland representation in Addis Ababa, SEMG was provided with both the name and copy of Mohamed Abukar Zubeyr’s passport as being the individual linked to the Bossaso Police Station incident.”

“In terms of SEMG checks, my recollection is that there were a series of communications via email, phone and in person with various Puntland officials and agencies on the Bossaso incident.”

Mr. Taiwo, said in another communication, “The Group also met with President Gaas at one point towards the end of 2014 where the Bossaso incident was raised.”

Twisting of intelligence investigations by irresponsible websites – that not only blackmail, extort, defame, but also torture by lives of innocent people at risk –  has been to blame for the UN report with the mission successfully accomplished by the individuals whose purpose was to hide the real identity of attacker.

“This is misinformation that only serves the interest of the terrorists, ”Col. Yasin Haile, with knowledge and expertise in the subject said, ”Their aim is to cover the real identity of the attacker and discourage any intelligence investigations on the matter.”

“Its absolutely clear that the matter has not been properly investigated other than the website reports.”Col. Haile added.

Many Analysts believe that such unfounded and reckless reporting by the SEMG undermine the credibility of the group and UN Security Council.

Finally, Zubeyr is demanding compensation relevant to the damages suffered by him and his family and published  apology from SEMG. Before take legal action.

“I am suffering a lot as the consequence of the report.” Mr. Zubeyr added.

Source:Horn Observer

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