Somali Information Minister Announce Government Plan For 2018

The Somali Minister for Information Eng. Abdirahman Omar Yarisow said the government has planned to make tangible developments which will be a milestone for the Somali people.

The Minister said that the government will implement issues such as electoral systems, laws, political parties, municipal elections, constitutional review and all the other issues that lead to one person, one vote in the country in 2020.

“Somalia is going, so everyone should strengthen the current developments for us to reach the elections where the people elect their leaders,” said the Minister.

Eng. Yarisow added that the government has made a massive progress in 2017 while the challenges faced were solved in accordance with the Somali government and its people.

“Progress made in 2017 includes security, financial governance, constitution review, preparations for elections, cooperation between the federal government and those of the regional states, government-public relations, media development, accountability, approval of the 15 important laws, restoration of the airspace control, social integration, youth policy, sports development. We have succeeded in these and many other issues over the nine months of the government’s reign,” the Minister added.

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