Somali government says Al Shabaab want to carry out attacks in Mosques and markets

Somali Security ministry has said armed group Al Shabaab is planning to carry out more attacks in social gathering areas in the capital Mogadishu.

Spokesman for Somali Security ministry Mohamed Yussuf said areas suspected to be targeted by Al Shabaab include Mosques, markets hotels, health centres various social gathering areas.

“ Al Shabaab want to carry new wave of attacks in areas of worship, health centres and hotels to scare people,” he said.

Yussuf urged members of public to cooperate with security forces to avert the attacks he said are being planned by the group.

“We are calling upon the general public to be patient with us especially security operations to ensure security in the city,” he said.

He added residents of the capital to report any suspicious characters and any security threat to security agencies.

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