Somali Government Organizes Evacuation of Citizens Stranded in War-Torn Sudan

The Somali government, in conjunction with the Somali government in South Sudan, has successfully repatriated 123 Somali nationals who were stranded in war-torn Sudan.

Most of the evacuees were students who were unable to leave Sudan due to the ongoing conflict in the country.

This evacuation is part of the Somali government’s efforts to help its citizens, who have been caught up in conflicts in other African nations, to return home.

The Somali government has been actively involved in engaging with other nations in Africa to help facilitate the safe return of its citizens.

The 123 evacuees were among the second group of civilians to arrive in Somalia following the conflict in Khartoum. Last week, 70 Somali nationals were evacuated from war-torn Sudan by the Somali Community in South Sudan.

Abdallah Hassan, Chief Executive Director of the Somali Business community in South Sudan, noted that the group had arranged flights for their fellow nationals after learning of their whereabouts through Eye Radio.

This demonstrates the power of community engagement and the importance of collaboration between various groups in ensuring the safe and efficient repatriation of citizens caught up in conflicts abroad.

The Somali government is working hard to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed by decades of civil war and conflict.

The efforts to evacuate citizens caught up in conflicts in other countries demonstrate the commitment of the Somali government to its people and its active role in promoting regional collaboration towards achieving peace and stability throughout Africa.

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