Somali government Forces capture new town from Al-shabab

Somali Federal government forces backed by AU troops seized new Al-shabab ground in Somalia’s lower Shabelle regionon Monday. The joint forces captured Ali-gaduud, which was Al-shabab’s key hideout in the region.

The government forces and Al-shabaab have exchanged heavy gunfire confrontations shortly after the force’s attack on the terror base. Officials who spoke to media said that many al-shabab fighters were captured during the raid.

“We have killed at least three Al-shabab members, they accustomed to collect money from the villagers living in Ali Gaduud area “government spokesman, who wished to remain anonymous said.

The Al-Qaida affiliated militants, Al-shabab has been controlling the village for more than twelve months despite Masajid Ali-gaduud was an important junction for vehicles heading to Somali capital, Mogadishu.


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