Somali forces & international allies destroy explosives warehouse in operation targeting Al-Shabaab

Buulobarde, Hiran Region – In an operation against the Al-Shabaab militants, Somali government officials have confirmed the successful targeting of the Mukayle village, located west of Bulobarde town.

The operation, carried out in close coordination with international allies, specifically aimed at neutralizing the extremist group’s presence in the area.

According to state media reports, the focal point of the operation was an explosives warehouse utilized by Al-Shabaab. The Somali government’s media sources revealed that the garage was being used to prepare and store explosives, with vehicles loaded to capacity with deadly materials.

The strategic targeting of this facility has dealt a significant blow to the militants’ infrastructure and capabilities.

During the operation, an undisclosed number of Al-Shabaab militants were eliminated, underscoring the effectiveness of the joint efforts by government forces and international allies.

The government’s statement emphasized the crucial role played by aerial support in enabling the successful execution of the operation.

Officials from the Security Branch of Buulo-Burde district provided additional details, stating that the attacks were specifically directed at a forested area where Al-Shabaab militants had been gathering. The militants, caught off guard by the swift and coordinated assault, suffered heavy casualties. The latest reports from the Mukeyga area indicate that Somali forces continue to conduct extensive operations on the outskirts of the region, further reinforcing their commitment to eradicating the Al-Shabaab threat.

Al-Shabaab, a militant group notorious for its ruthless tactics, has long posed a grave threat to Somalia’s security and stability. Their activities, which include suicide bombings, targeted assassinations, and kidnappings, have resulted in untold suffering for the Somali people and impeded the nation’s progress towards peace and prosperity.

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