Somali federal electoral commission bans two candidate from Lower House Elections

Somalia’s election commission has barred two candidates from running Lower House election in the country.

“ The outgoing minster for sports and youth of the federal government of Somalia Mohamed Abdullah Hassan Nuh and Ahmed Irro will not running the Lower House elections because of they were involving in the fighting that interrupted the election in Jowhar last month”  In a statement released by Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation team (FIEIT) says.

The statement was sent to Hirshabelle President Ali Abdulahi Osoble and State-level electoral commission (SIEIT), and requested to replace them with new candidates.

At least three people, including son of Hir-Shabelle vice president Ali Abdullah Hussein Guudlaawe were hurt in the confrontation at Jowhar polling station, last month.

Burundian troops serving with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) deployed in Jowhar and they took over security responsibility in the town.

The two candidates were barred to take part in the parliamentary election for involving in the fighting that disrupted the election in Jowhar last month. the violence was reported to cause INJURIES to several delegates.

Somalia goes to the poll within December to elect a president.

Written by Hassan Istiila