Somali Activist Welcomes National Consultative Forum but cautious about Implementation

A Leading Somali Civil Society Activist, Jabril Ibrahim Abdulle has welcomed the outcome of two days Somali National Consultative Meeting held in the capital, Mogadishu.

Mr. Jabril Ibrahim Abdulle of Centre for Research and Dialogue (CRD) has however said that civil society organizations are cautious about the implementation of the action plan agreed during the forum and therefore called upon leaders to honor the commitment.

“We call upon all stakeholders at the national and regional states levels to honour their commitment to National Consultative Forum Principals and agreed timetable, Said Jabril, Fair.

He called on the International community to impose strict and severe sanction on Somali leaders who reject implementation process of the second national consultation forum communiqué.

The communiqué read by minister of interior and federal affairs Abdirahman Odowa has ruled out the possibility of one man one vote but recognized election and peaceful transfer of power in 2016 to new government.

The communiqué also invited representatives and community leaders from self declared state of Somaliland to participate in the decision making ahead of elections in 2016.

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