Sincere Advice to President Gaas 

Puntland people have been full of buoyancy, when president Gaas got elected as the Puntland’s fifth president on January 2014. The last year, it counts a lot to Puntland people and still questioning on what president Gaas’s administration discounted with no overstatement.

The dual citizen president has won unprecedented election after potholed rounds of election race with outweigh politicians including Abdurahman Farole, Former Puntland president and other dazzling candidates.

Political analysts in the region believe that Abdiwali Gaas has entirely botched to address mounting Al-shabab threats, rampant exploitation and worst economic tragedy that the people experiences for a nearly decades.

In his post election plan, the incumbent president made promises regarding on socio-economic step up and stretched security strategies, but alas, the president has disregarded every promise he made before election and spent the year a type of commemorative politics.

The administration is on the brink to mislay fragile cozy relations with the elite community elders and military commanders while Al-shabaab continue snuffing soldiers in a row in Gal-gala rigid mountains and Puntland’s commercial hub of Bosaaso repetitively.

The first year in office the president made first government retreat on reviewing state’s action plan in 2014 and upcoming years and every minister has staged a highly prepared presentation on what his ministry achieved in that year.

Although president identified prevailing impedes nothing has been altered yet and Puntland forces and the civil servants remain underpaid. The political mystification in the region was flaring up since he removed one of the key Puntland military commanders Muhiyadin Ahmed Mouse, who severally survived plotted assassinations.

The current political and economic catastrophes cannot be catapulted, the president should come up with imperative leadership guidance soon and after. If Somalia’s breakaway enclave of Somaliland wasn’t seized Lascaanod through Faataxa, why your administration still hesitating to set it free again?

Perhaps change is about to crop up during the remaining tenure, but you’re the one who can resuscitate Puntland from near grave. In the upshot and as a positive thinker we can expose irrefutable executed government achievements such as democracy realization, roads and open policy on women rights.

The clock is on the turning point and with all due respect, Mr. President you have a multitude options to energize people’s desire by lightening unemployment rate, strengthening security and conspiring relations with the opposition figures in a bureaucratic way. A better, more active policy on region forces is also needed.

Senior Somali journalist and political analyst



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