Somali Independent Media Houses Association (SIMHA) strongly condemns the unnecessary detention of three Somali Journalists by Sufi armed group Ahlu Suna Waljama in central Somali city of Dhusamareb on Friday.

The Journalists namely’;  Mohamed Abdi Mohamed, of the Somali National TV, Abdijamal Maalim Ahmed of Kalsan TV and Bashir Mohamud Salad of  Horncable TV, were arrested on Friday night, after compulsory media and journalists registration by armed group in Dhusamareb town in central Somalia.

The group is yet to disclose the main reason for the detention of the Journalists which is against human rights.

Somali Independent Media Houses calls upon the group administration to immediately release the Journalists from detention without any preconditions.

“We call upon Ahlu Suna group to respect the media and allow Journalists to operate freely in their areas of administration,” said SIMHA chairman Hassan Ali Gesey.

“We urge the political rivals in central region and across the country to respect the role of the media,” he added.

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