Ship carrying over 2000 Somali refugees docks at Bosaso port

Ship ferrying more than 2000 Somali refugees fleeing Yemen violence has docked at port city of Bosaso.

Somali businessman has given out the ship last month to help evacuate Somali refugees trapped in Saudi led coalition airstrikes against Houthi Shia rebels in Yemen.

Somali consular to Yemen Ahmed Abdi Ali has confirmed to the media that they have  succeeded in evacuating the  refugees who are mainly women and children from the war torn state.

This recent arrival is the biggest number of Somali refugees who returned back home since Yemen violence broke out three months ago.

Government has established emergency committee to help conduct fundraising to assist refugees fleeing from Yemen.

Thousands of Somali refugees fled to Yemen after the break out the civil war in their country in 1990s.

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