Saudi Arabia requests to use Somali airspace for Houthi attack

Sources have confirmed to Radio Dalsan that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has officially requested Somali government to use its airspace and water to carry out operations against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Somali Foreign Minister Abdulsalam Omer is on his way to Riyadh from United Arab Emirates for possible more cooperation with regional power Saudi Arabia

Somalia and Yemen share border along the red sea which makes it strategic position for attack.

Rebel held port city of Aden which is also significant target for the Saudi led coalition is just three hours boat journey from Somali port city of Bosaso in North East.

Air traffic across the Middle East and horn of Africa has been affected by the operation.

Gulf States and other Muslim countries such as Sudan and Pakistan have joined Saudi Arabia to halt rebel advance in Yemen in an effort to protect the legitimate government of President Abdul Rabu Al Mansour Hadi.

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