Puntland vice President returns to Garowe

The Puntland’s vice president Abdihakin Haji Omar Camey on Wednesday made a statement about his short trip to Kodmo valley in Kar-kaar region where he attended a four day mediation meeting between two local clans.

Addressing reporters in Garowe, the vice president has praised recently reached agreement on the conflicts, asking both clans to stop fighting and maintain peace. He said that severe punishment will be taken against whoever tries to violate the reached agreement.

“The government is planning to disarm warning clans in the region in order to ease mounting clan threats “the vice president said. In the recent months fierce clan clashes in Kar-kaar region killed dozens.

Eng Amay held talks with the region elders separately and discussed ways of solving the repeated clan conflicts in Puntland shortly after Ali Saleban and Ugar Saleeb  clan representatives hand over compensations to each other on Tuesday.

“Our elders are ready to take part in this process “he added.

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