Puntland State leader meets British’s Envoy to Somalia ; discuss elections and acceleration of development projects in the region

Somalia’s Puntland State Said Abdullahi Deni on Saturday received the British Ambassador to Somalia Michael Nithavrianakis.

They discussed range of issues including the general security of Somalia and the political and electoral impasse in the regional State.

The meeting also covered the conclusion of democratic elections in Puntland State and the expedition of the UK’s development projects.

The UK Ambassador to Somalia pledged the unwavering commitment by the British’s government in supporting Somalia and especially Puntland State in different areas.

The meeting which took place at the Presidential Palace in the capital Garowe was attended by Vice President Ahmed Osman Karaash and the council of ministers of the regional State.

The visit by Ambassador Nithavrianakis comes amid bickering electoral stalemate between the regional government and the opposition candidates over the model of elections to hold in the upcoming elections in January next year when the term of the incumbent Stare leader Said Deni is expected to lapse.

Deni is advocating for a universal suffrage elections while the opposition umbrella is calling for the return to the clan based indirect elections where traditional elders will choose the lawmakers who will in turn elect the parliamentary leadership and the President.

More than 36 people mostly civilians were killed and hundreds displaced when pro – government forces clashes with opposition fighters in the administrative capital Garowe.



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