Puntland regional state information minister threatens Journalists with bullets and death

Puntland regional state minister for Information has threatened to use bullets and kill Journalists operating in the area.

Mohamed Hassan Soo- Cade is furious about a news report and interview by local media with former Bari governor who is allegedly leading armed struggle against regional state administration.

Former Bari governor Abdisamad Mohamed Gallan is threatening to topple the administration of President Abdiweli Mohamd Gas to create equal social justice.

In a press release to the media, regional state information minister has cautioned journalists to avoid the coverage of he described as “pirates and Islamic state terrorist”

“I swore that I am fasting, if you will not shy and respect the law, we will use the barrel of the gun against you to remove your eyes,” he said.

Soo-Cade added that they don’t care about local or international media and anyone who breaks the law will be dealt with accordingly.

National Union for Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) and Somali Independent Media Association (SIMHA) have condemned what they described as “dark statement” saying the media in the country will not be silenced.

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