Public Outrage As Somalia Journalist Union Leader Twitter Acct Is Suspended

An online campaign has been launched by Somali journalists, bloggers and the public at large after the twitter account of veteran journalist Mohamed Moalimu was suspended under unclear circumstance.

Mohamed Moalimu who is the National Union of Somalia Journalist Secretary General told confirmed of the suspension to Radio Dalsan.

“It was taken by surprise by the suspension because I am yet to understand why Twitter would suspend me. I have never violated any regulations by Twitter. I have not incited anyone or attacked anyone” Moalimu told Radio Dalsan.

Moalimu who is a former BBC journalist and all time respected Somalia media personality said he will officially appeal to the social network company to reactivate his account.

“What is wrong with Twitter? This guy defends the rights of Somali journalists everyday of the week” Journalist Harun Maruf tweeted.

“Genuinely shocked by the suspension of twitter account, a well-known journo with a strong professionalism. Hope this is a blip and will reinstate his account” Mo Shire tweeted.

has suspended the account of veteran Somali journalist who has worked with various reputable international news organizations and is currently head of journalist union. He was previously disfigured in an Al Shabab suicide attack” Adam Abdulleh tweeted.

But as the Somali public reacted with outrage online Moalimu believes the suspension has the fingerprints of former Nusoj leader Omar Farouk.

Moalimu replaced Farouk after Somalia journalists elected him in 2016 but Farouk has continued to claim to be the leader of the scribes union creating an on off tussle

“My Gmail account was hacked in April from Netherlands but I managed to restore it within hours. If confirm that this and the suspension on Twitter account is linked to the former Nusoj leader I will be suing him” Moalimu said.

Moalimu is recognized by the Somalia government as the legitimate NOSUJ leader after a court decision.

The former NUSOJ boss Farouk is yet to react to these allegations.

Moalimu commands a large following on Twitter from his news updates and matters of interest to Somali journalists.

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