Proposed introduction of Vice President post stirs mixed reactions in Somalia

After four days of talks in the capital, Mogadishu, the political elite of Somalia have decided to overhaul the  nation’s  political structure.  In a communique released on early Sunday, the National Consultative Council, which includes President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre, and Deputy Prime Minister Salah Ahmed Jama, as well as four regional leaders and the mayor of Mogadishu, have agreed to introduce direct elections as early as next year and unify the election schedules, and endorsed establishment of a presidential system for the country.

Citizens expressed ambivalent reactions concerning the later with many welcoming the move with open arms while others raised questions over it’s feasibility in the conflict ridden country.

Somalia has for decades embraced Premiership and Presidential model of leadership . Getting away with PM role and replacing it with Vice President system  will spell a new dawn for Somalia

Aweys Ahmed a Mogadishu resident embraced the move stating he is confident with the leaders resolutions .

He further added that countries recognized as beacons of Democracy in the world such as US use the President , Vice President model .

“We cannot all assume leadership role herein we cannot all be involved in decision making process of the country .We  thank our able leaders for crafting such an important delegation (NCC) and prioritizing needs of populcae. The people are tired of cheap politics and need to see tangible results on the table.’’

Musa Sabir , a 37 year old hotelier also  hailed the move stating the Vice President model would eradicate  clan-ism structure that has long dictated politics of the country .

“If whatever they said is would be possible ,then why not .Developed countries embrace President ,vice president model of leadership. Abolishing the PM post will do the country more good than harm . ”

Interclan conflict was main cause of civil war that erupted in early nineties  has bedeviled the region ever since . Equal Inclusivity of clans has been a major huddle for a number of administrations for the last decades .

Communities that are marginalized seeking solace from Al shabaab is true depiction of how inter clan animosity has bogged down revival of the fragile nation .

Noor Samey a young athlete from Banadir region believes leaders should be more concerned with delivery of basic social amenities to the public than politicking about complex leadership structure that fragile nation can sustain.

He critically underscored the need for waste management in the capital ,Mogadishu .

“This country is far from materializing such proposals . Larders should be more concerned with delivery basic services such construction construction of roads and waste management other than formulating unobtainable political policies .”

The endorsement of a presidential system will require a federal constitutional amendment, as the current constitution provides for a parliamentary system in which lawmakers elect a president, who then appoints a prime minister. Critics have argued for a long time that the parliamentary system brought endless political squabbles between the president and prime minister.




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