Prime Minister Khaire Imposes Restriction On International Agreements

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire has warned Cabinet ministers against entering into or signing international agreements without informing his office or that of the Attorney General. The new measure was discussed and adopted at yesterday’s Cabinet meeting.

The new restrictions come in the wake of reports that the Federal Government was facing heavy financial obligations from previous international commitments entered into by the Cabinet, particularly during the previous government of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

Following long deliberations on the way forward, the Premier imposed the new restriction, which requires that all agreements be checked by the Attorney General and the Office of the Prime Minister before being signed. This is to guard against future misunderstandings.

This new measures were officially communicated by the State Minister for the Office of the Prime Minister, Abdullahi Hamud.

Somali government ministers have previously entered into international agreements, some of which have been unknown to senior government officials. Some of the agreements have reportedly had a negative financial impact on the current administration.

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