Press Release: Human Rights Centre, Chairperson released on bail

Press release 

 Human Rights Centre chairperson released on bail

Today, 6th May 2015, Guleid Ahmed Jama, Chairperson of Human Rights Centre, was released on bail. Guleid was arrested on 18th April 2015 after he gave an interview to BBC Somali Service where he raised concern on the execution of the death penalty. The

Regional Court of Hargeisa remanded Guleid seven days in prison from 20th April to 26th April. However, he was not brought to court when the remand days lapsed. Today he was released from the prison.

“Human Rights Centre (HRC) expresses its deep gratitude to the individuals, organizations and countries who tirelessly advocated for the freedom of Guleid”, says Hana Abdisalam Mohamed, advocacy and lobbying officer of HRC. “We are very grateful to their endless support”, she adds.

Human Rights Centre is very committed to continue its activities and will not be intimidated by the arrest of Guleid. Human Rights Centre is a registered, impartial and independent nongovernment organization headquartered in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.


Ms Hana Abdisalam Mohamed 

Head of Advocacy and Lobbying

Human Rights Centre

Hargeisa Somaliland

Email: [email protected] website

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