Presidential candidates forced to sign a mandatory no corruption agreement as international community threatens prosecution

An email availed to Radio Dalsan to all the presidential candidates has issued a stern warning on any aspirants involved in voter buying and any other form of corruption.

The email signed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s  Special Representative for Somalia Michael Keating also mandates all candidates to sign an agreement that will accountable for any offences committed.

“In this regard the international community urges all presidential candidates to fully comply with the national legal framework and the rules and regulations established for the electoral process. The international partners also expect all candidates to sign and fully honor the comitments outlined in the electoral code of conduct” the email partly read.

“The international community would like to draw your attention in particular to the code of conduct’s provision prohibiting candidates from engaging in bribery, vote buying and any behaviour contributing to coercion, intimidation, harrasment, manipulation or corruption” Keating’s email said.

Keating farther warns that perpetrators of election corruption in Somalia are liable to prosecution by the international community.

“Many countries have anti corruption laws that can apply to bribery occuring in Somalia” the email  warned.

There are close to 20 presidential aspirants who will be vying to occupy Villa Somalia end of January.

The candidates will be voted by 329 Mps who were sworn in a fortnight ago after the conclusion of their election.

But the parliamentary elections hit news headlines for many wrong reasons including incidents of voter buying and bribery.

The international community is concerned that the trend may be repeated in the coming presidential elections in a much bigger way.

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