President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud urges youth to capitalise on the admission of Somalia into the East African Community bloc

Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has on Tuesday held a meeting with the civil society representatives, scholars and the youth.

The consultative meeting which took place at the Villa Somalia majorly focused on the government agenda.

The President briefed the youth and other groups about his administration’s priorities top among it being creating employment, income growth, fighting with poverty.

Other items included eradication of the Islamist militant group -Al-Shabaab and the completion of the transitional constitution.

President Mohamud used the opportunity to call upon the youth who make up a significant portion of the population to contribute to Nation building and economic development.


He urged them to exploit the joining of Somalia to the East African Community.

The civil society groups, the scholars and the youth also shared their opinions with the President on the realization of the critical government agenda.

They appealed to the government to prioritise the interest of the groups so that they can be part and parcel of the Nation growth.

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