President Hassan Sheikh Congratulates Teachers on Somali Tutor’s day

Somali teachers have been commended for their resilience during the collapse of government and contribution to the society as the country marked the day of the Somali teacher.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on Monday graced the official celebrations marking the day of the Somali Teacher at the National theatre.   

The head of state said the Somali government recognizes how critical teachers are in national development.

The President noted that Somali teachers have worked under difficult circumstances to save the future of Somali children. 

He said schools in the country produced quality generations that have become the basis for the development of the nation.

He said the parents have played a significant role in teaching their children skilled labor which has rescued the Somali government following the collapse of central authority. 

“Somalia is if not the best, one of the best countries where parents with no education, produce boys and girls with the highest educational qualification,” said President Dr. Hassan. 

The President said the Federal Government of Somalia is making efforts to reform the country’s education system, which will be based on the needs of students, teachers and other stakeholders. 

He has promised to increase the country’s education budget to improve the quality of education and support teachers and their families. 

Somalia hosts one of the world’s most significant out-of-school populations, with roughly 3 million out of 5 million children and youth of school-age not in school.  

More than two decades of conflict have nearly destroyed Somalia’s educational system, which is characterized by poor quality, insufficient numbers of qualified teachers, and inadequate resources.

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