No Visas required from Somalis with foreign passports: Somalia declares

The Somali Civil Aviation Authority’s (SCAA) Department of Immigration and Naturalization of the Federal Government has issued a policy that enables all Somalis with dual nationalities or holding foreign passports to travel to Somalia without the need for a visa.

All Somalis with different passports will receive visas upon arrival at all international airports throughout the nation.

This unfolds just days many families were left inconvenienced when airlines asked them to show visas before traveling to Somalia in London , although the Somali embassy in London later on  claimed that it did not initiate or require anyone traveling to Somalia to have a letter.

This alleged requirement significantly increased worries and financial burdens for people who were considering traveling to Somalia. It was reported to cost £100 and include $60 visa fee upon arrival in Mogadishu.

Further confusion was caused by the fact that this letter does not apply to European passports with Somalia listed as the place of birth.

The directive by Somali civil authority will be sigh of  huge relief to all Somali’s across the globe who normally face laborious task of applying visa’s from respective countries , a process that may take days for approval

Political gains 

Recently , the 21st Extra-Ordinary Summit of the East African Community Heads of State Summit held in Bujumbura, Burundi adopted the Report of the Verification of the Application of the Federal Republic of Somalia to join EAC.

The horn of Africa nation is seeking to broaden it’s integration and business scope with the entry to East Africa Community bloc .

Comprehensive counter terrorism operations against Al-Shabaab that resulted in the liberation of substantial territories in the first phase of fight against the rebels.

The liberation, has spurred development  initiatives  at enhancing public services in these areas .  Security has also been significantly improved to thwart any potential extremist resurgence in those regions .

Political stability achieved in Somalia despite unwavering security threat has also significantly impacted it’s relation with neighbouring countries .

The official border crossings between Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia, which have been partially or entirely closed in recent years due to security concerns, will be reopened as part of a new project.

Rigathi Gachagua, the deputy president of Kenya, said the project will enhance socio-economic development between the three nations while speaking at the launch on Thursday in the border town of Mandera.

Armed conflicts “silence infrastructure development; we must silence the gun for industries to roar back; we must silence the violence for socio-economic prosperity,” he declared.

The U.K. funded project, called “Deris Wanaag” in Somali, which translates to “Good Neighborliness,” seeks to address the ongoing instability and insecurity in the countries of the Horn of Africa.



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