Somalia: Mogadishu people panic amidst rise in AMISOM motor accidents

Mogadishu residents are now living in fear as the number of motor accidents committed by AMISOM drivers increase.

On Thursday an elderly woman was knocked to death by an Amisom APC vehicle around KM4 area. The driver of the Amsiom vehicle is reported to have sped off fleeing the scene living the woman to bleed to death.

The incident saw a commotion between the Amisom troops and Somalia Police who stopped the driver at a check point.

Although the matter was resolved between Amisom and Somalia Police residents still remain a worried lot.

According to a resident who spoke to Radio Dalsan Somali drivers are usually forced to stop and park to give way to the Amisom APC vehicles.

“Sometimes we are forced  to park on the wrong side just to avoid the being knocked by their big vehicles” one Mogadishu driver said.

Residents accuse Amisom drivers of careless driving say they worried that the accidents will continue to be part of Mogadishu’s.

The driver involved in the Thursday attack is said to have been arrested. Radio Dalsan’s efforts to get a comment from Amisom were fruitless as they remained mum over the matter.

Amisom on their side have in the past said that some of the accidents have occurred after drivers suspect an attack from the Alshabaab insurgents.

According to the Somalia Police at least 30 motor accidents involving Amisom vehicles have been recorded this year alone.