Nairobi Westgate shopping mall reopens after deadly Al Shabaab attack 22 months ago

The Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi has reopened for business after shutdown for the past nearly two years following Al Shabaab attack.

September 2013 Al Shabaab revenge attack has killed over 67 including foreign nationals and wounded 200 others, it worst attack on Kenyan soil after Garissa university massacre on may this year that killed 150 mainly students.

The luxurious mall is reopening again after an extensive refurbishment and security assurance by the government to encourage investments.

The reopening comes a week before US President Barack Obama visits Nairobi a sign by the Kenyan government to lure investors into the country.

Nairobi governor said he is happy that Westgate is back despite grieve, mourning and the sorrow of the innocent life lost.

Armed group Al Shabaab has carried out wave of attacks inside Kenya since the Westgate attack.

Al Shabaab leader Abu Ubeyda said in his Eid message on Friday that his group will continue attacks inside Kenya soil until the government pulls out troops from Somalia.

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