Kenyan fighter jets bomb Hormuud telecom station in Middle Jubba Region

On Monday, reports emerged that Kenyan fighter jets had bombed a Hormuud Telecom station in Saakow, located in the Middle Jubba region of Somalia.

The attack comes in the wake of previous attacks on Hormuud towers by Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in Jubbaland.

The telecom company has yet to issue a statement regarding the incident. Hormuud Telecom is one of the largest telecommunications providers in Somalia and has been targeted by various armed groups in the past due to its perceived links to the Somali government.

The Middle Jubba region, where the attack took place, has been the site of ongoing conflict between various armed groups, including the militant group Al-Shabaab and forces aligned with the Somali government. The region has also seen an increase in attacks on civilians and aid workers in recent months.

The attack on Hormuud Telecom is likely to have a significant impact on the local population, many of whom rely on the company’s services for communication and access to information. It is unclear whether the attack resulted in any casualties or but has damaged gadgets and construction.

The incident has raised concerns about the escalating violence in Somalia and the impact on civilians caught in the crossfire.

Efforts to address the underlying causes of the conflict, including political instability, poverty, and the absence of effective governance, are ongoing. However, progress has been slow due to the complex nature of the conflict and the involvement of various armed groups.

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