KDF falls prey to Al Shabaab because it’s ill equipped – Raila

CORD leader Raila Odinga has accused the government of ill-equipping KDF soldiers, leading to the high number of deaths in the January 15 El Adde attack.

He said Kenyan soldiers have fallen prey to the “well equipped” al Shabaab troops, since the Kenya Defence Forces lacks modern military artillery to counter the enemies.

“It is important for the government to equip our troops in Somali. We have disturbing information that Kenyan troops are ill-equipped,” Raila said.

He was speaking in Simero,Ugunja constituency, during the burial of Justus Odhiambo a fallen KDF soldier.

Raila was with Siaya Senator James Orengo, Governor Cornel Rasanga and MP Opiyo Wandayi.

He said the Jubilee government seeks huge budgetary allocations in the guise of channelling resources to security operations, but the funds are misappropriated.

Raila demanded the government disclose the number of soldiers killed in El Adde attack, saying it is raising anxiety among affected family members.

“It should not be a secret kept by the government,” he said.

Raila said it is regrettable that the young gallant fallen soldiers are being treated “inhumanely”, yet they are patriots who died in defence of their country.

The ODM leader urged the government to find an exit strategy of the KDF soldiers from Somalia, since their “core duty of securing the Port of Kismayu” has ended.

“We sent our troops to secure the Port of Kismayu, which they did perfectly. Why should they not return?” he said.

Raila said during the grand coalition government, where he was the vice chairperson of the National Security Council, the agreement was to deploy KDF to Somalia temporarily.

He accused the government of not honouring the agreement to withdraw the troops.

Raila said Kenya will not surrender to terrorism and in the long-run will defeat it.

Orengo said the government must think of another strategy to counter al Shabaab terrorists, saying if status quo remains more soldiers will die.
Source: The Star

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