Jubaland leader Madobe meets with World Bank officials to accelerate development projects

Jubaland President Ahmed Mohamed Islam, also known as Madobe, met with senior officials from the World Bank on Sunday to discuss the swift implementation of various development projects funded by the organization.

Led by Mattias Mayr, the Deputy Head of the World Bank in Somalia and Project Manager, the meeting focused on expediting several initiatives aimed at boosting economic growth, creating jobs, and improving the standard of living in the region.

The comprehensive dialogue centered on the construction of critical roads, the development of worker’s infrastructure, and the expansion of other essential social services.

While some of these projects are already underway, others are still in the early stages of planning. The leaders hope that by accelerating the commencement of these projects, they can provide more opportunities for locals and contribute to the overall development of the country.

Jubaland is a region that has long struggled with civil unrest and instability. However, through these development projects, the government is striving to create a brighter future for its citizens. The World Bank has pledged its unwavering support to Somalia, with a particular focus on strengthening economic foundations and improving the livelihoods of its people.

“The World Bank remains committed to helping Somalia strengthen its economic foundations and improve the livelihoods of its people,” said Mattias Mayr. “By expediting the commencement of these projects, we aim to have an immediate impact on the ground, uplifting the lives of those living in Jubaland and across Somalia.”

President Madobe expressed his gratitude to the World Bank for its continued support and emphasized the importance of collaboration in achieving the country’s development goals.

“I appreciate the World Bank’s support in helping Jubaland and Somalia as a whole,” he said. “Together, we can achieve great things and set a course for a brighter future.”

The meeting concluded with a renewed commitment from both parties to work together to accelerate the pace of development projects in Jubaland and across Somalia.

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