Hir-Shabelle state cabinet approves elevation of six locations to district Level

In a bid to expand local government administration, the Hir-Shabelle State of Somalia Cabinet has approved the elevation of six locations into the district level. The decision was made during the cabinet’s sitting held on Sunday in the capital city of Jowhar.

The areas approved for elevation to district status are Ali-Gadud Mosque, Raaga-Eelle, Burweyn, Buq-aqable, Hawadley, and Moqokori. The proposal to elevate these areas was put forward by the Ministry of Interior.

This move is a significant step towards decentralization and empowering local government in Hir-Shabelle state. The elevation of these areas to district level is expected to improve access to government services and enhance community development.

The approval of these proposals marks the highest number of areas being elevated to district status since the establishment of Hir-Shabelle state in 2016. The proposals will now be presented to the state parliament for debate and vote.

The decision has been welcomed by many in the region, who see it as a positive step towards promoting local governance and community development. This move is expected to have a positive impact on the lives of people in these areas, as it will bring government services closer to them and create more opportunities for growth and development.

In conclusion, the approval of the elevation of these six locations to district level is a significant development for Hir-Shabelle state and a positive step towards promoting effective local governance and community development. The state parliament’s debate and vote on the proposals will be eagerly awaited by the people of Hir-Shabelle.  

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