Hiiraan governor fired amid revenue dispute, Al-Shabaab impact uncertain

Beledweyne, Somalia – Hiiraan Governor Ali Jeyte Osman has been removed from his position by Hirshabelle State President Ali Abdullahi Gudlawe, according to a decree dated June 16. The decision comes in the midst of a growing dispute over the administration and revenue collection in Beledweyne.

Governor Jeyte has been a prominent figure in the local resistance against al-Shabaab and has been leading the fight in the Hiiraan region with his clan militia and government forces. He has survived at least one assassination attempt by the militant group.

However, internal challenges arose when he clashed with fellow officials in Hiiraan, particularly from rival clans, as well as his superiors in Hirshabelle over the allocation of tax revenue collected from the region.

In April, Jeyte publicly opposed a demand by the Hirshabelle president to transfer funds collected from the Beledweyne market and checkpoints to the authorities in Jowhar. He openly stated his refusal to hand over money from the people of Hiiraan to corrupt officials in Jowhar.

The rift between Governor Jeyte and the Hirshabelle administration continued to widen, leading to his eventual removal from office. Abdullahi Ahmed Maalin has been appointed as his replacement.

The move has sparked mixed reactions from the public, with some expressing concern over the impact on the fight against al-Shabaab, while others applaud the decision as a necessary step towards addressing corruption and mismanagement in the region.

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