Hargeisa court charges two Pakistanis for spreading Shia ideology

A court in self declared state capital of Somaliland Hargeisa has charged two Pakistanis and one Somali for spreading Shia ideology in the territory.

The court has ruled the three two Pakistani men and one Somali woman deportation, imprisonment and fine respectively in Somaliland.

He said they were involved in the translation of over 200 Shia books in Somali language.

Meanwhile Police in Mogadishu have dispersed angry people that have tried to loot Iranian embassy in Mogadishu and Imam Khomeini humanitarian centre.

Other reports say people have entered inside the building and looted but cannot be independently verified.

Federal government of Somalia has cut diplomatic ties with Iran following kingdom of Saudi Arabia embassy in Tehran.

Foreign Ministry has said Iran violated Geneva conventions on diplomatic immunity and safety of diplomatic missions.

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