Galmudug warns the use of child soldiers by Al-Shabaab and calls international partners to support the rehabilitation program

01 Apirl 2016 – GalMudug State of Somalia concern and warns the use of child-soldiers by the terrorists group Al-Shabaab and calls international partners to support the rehabilitation program in GalMudug areas. GalMudug captured 110 militias during the fighting with Al-Shabaab and 38 of them are children under the age of 18 years old.

Minister of Information, Culture & Tourism of GalMudug State of Somalia Mohamud Abdi Osman (Mesagaway) said “We have a huge concern to see our children is forced to fight by terrorists group. It is unfortunate to see our future leaders being denied to study and instead is brainwashed to violence extremism ideology. Our religion, our local laws and international laws don’t allow children’s dignity and pride to be hijacked by terrorists. We strongly condemn this barbaric action by terrorists and it is time they must stop using child soldiers to advance their ideological vision.”

Minister Mesagaway stated that GalMudug is committed and will do all it can to ensure that these children that we captured during fighting with Al-Shabaab to receive welfare and to rehabilitate these 38 children that are in our custody. GalMudug will ensure that these children are well looked after them, however, GalMudug doesn’t have the resources needed, therefore, it requires an urgent and timely assistance from international partners. Minister Mesagaway said “GalMudug State is committed to ensure the well-being of all detainees including these 38 children as they are our future leaders that deserve our full attention to rehabilitate them so that they can be part of the peace-building and prosperity in the country. However, GalMudug doesn’t have rehabilitation centres nor the resources to fulfill our moral responsibilities and our obligations.”

Finally Minister Mesagaway appealed to international partners, business community and public to take part the rehabilitation programs for these vulnerable children so that they can get what they deserve which is to look after their well-beings and to provide the necessary rehabilitation programs that can transform them to become good citizens of this country. These children deserve education, counseling, mentoring and specific awareness on peacefulness of Islam..

For Further Information Plz contact:
HE. Mohamud Aden Osman
Minister of Information, Orientation, Culture and Tourism
GalMudug State of Somalia
e-mail. [email protected]
Tel. 00252616562950

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