Galmudug President Accused of Lacking Financial Accountability and Transparency Despite Allocated Budget Plan

Mogadishu – Galmudug Abdikarim Hussein Guled was accused of lacking financial accountability and transparency after the Galmudug assembly members confirmed that they had not received any wages for the last six months.

According to the MPs, the Galmudug President Abdulkarim Hussein Guled failed to pay the salary of the members of the assembly as set out the government’s 6 month budget plan approved by the house on late September this year.

The 6 month budget allocations ends in December this year, despite non-payment.

“We have not received any wages  for 6 months.” Mohamed Awale, a Galmudug assembly member said, “if the assembly members had not received any wages since the parliament was founded, I don’t think any other groups in the government had received either.”

According to officials from the Central Bank of Somalia who requested to remain anonymous said that, “The central bank provides $150,000 to Galmudug president on behalf of his administration.

Many believe that the Galmudug president, Abdikarim Hussein Guled diverted his government’s budget to the Galkacyo fighting against Puntland which claimed the lives of dozens of people and had forced more than 90,000 people to flee from the town, according to the United Nations.

Some of the members of the regional assembly, Galmudug, have been holding various meetings in Mogadishu, as they are on their annual leave, some of whom hinting “Impeachment’ proposal against Galmudug president, Abdikarm Hussein Guled for lack of financial transparency and accountability and his government’s failure to meet the required deadlines for development in the region.

The regional assembly is expected to sit  down their second parliamentary session by January next year.

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