Galmudug Administration Imposes Strict Guidelines On Miraa Business People

The Galmudug state administration has today imposed an order on the miraa (Somali: qaat or jaat) business people and the airlines companies that deliver the product in the area.

On issuing the order, the Minister of Finance Mr Said Siyad Shirwac said that all the airlines and the businessmen who import miraa cannot do so without an official permit from the regional authority.

Mr Shirwac ordered all miraa business dealers to register themselves with the authority within seven days as they are required to pay $2.5 tax per kilo. The move is part of a plan to collect revenue from all over the region so that it can manage the administration needs and those of its people.

“This is an issue we have been planning for quite some time and I am requesting the business people to register themselves within a week,” he said.

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