Former Somali Cabinet Minister declares interest in the Presidential election

Former Planning Minister Said Abdullahi Deni has announced his interest in the upcoming Somali Presidential election later this year.

Speaking in Nairobi hotel during the launch of his campaign last week Mr. Deni who is credited for his educational reforms while in the government has challenged other candidates to prove their performance to the public.

The interpreneaur who is also a member of parliament has vowed to improved security, social services and create employment for the young Somalis to curb dangerous journey via the sea.

Members of Somali women and youth diaspora community in Kenya have showed their green light in support of Mr. Deni to the Villa Somalia.

Somalia is set to hold general elections on August this year  though one man one vote is not possible, regional state leaders, central government and the international community have agreed to go on with mode of election system agreed in the Istanbul meeting on February that gives power to clan and traditional elders.

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