Former Hiiraan Governor Criticizes Lack of Development, Calls for Genuine Governance

Ali Jeyte Osman, the former governor of Hiiraan and self-proclaimed president of Hiiraan state, delivered a passionate address to a large gathering in the Mahas district today.

In his speech, he strongly criticized both the Hirshabelle administration and the federal government for their failure to initiate significant development projects in the Hiiraan region.

Mr. Jeyte expressed his disappointment with the absence of a proactive administration that truly represents the interests of the people, particularly after key collaborative stakeholders left the region.

He highlighted the lack of noteworthy projects throughout his tenure, emphasizing that no substantial initiatives had been accomplished in terms of securing funds for Somalia’s debt or other vital endeavors.

He stressed that governance should genuinely prioritize the needs of the people rather than merely offering empty promises.

This statement by Jeyte comes at a critical juncture, as he is scheduled to meet with President Hasan Sheikh in Mahas today.

Following this meeting, President Hasan Sheikh plans to dispatch a delegation to Mahas to strategize against the Al-Shabaab militia, indicating the importance of the discussions taking place.

Despite existing tensions in the Hiiraan region, President Hasan Sheikh has taken the initiative to engage in dialogue with Hiiraan politicians who oppose the government. He seeks to encourage them to set aside their differences and collaborate with the central government in combating the Al-Shabaab militia.

Hiiraan, known for its pioneering efforts in countering Al-Shabaab, has achieved a measure of success despite limited government support. The region’s resilience and determination in the face of adversity have been remarkable, as local actors have taken the lead in combating the extremist group.

As the political landscape evolves, it remains to be seen how the meeting between Ali Jeyte Osman and President Hasan Sheikh will influence the trajectory of development and security in Hiiraan.

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