Ex Ethiopian Somali Region President Abdi Iley Arrested

Controversial former Somali State of Ethiopia President Abdi Mahmoud Omar was on Monday arrested in Addis Ababa ahead of his arraignment in court to face hunan rights abuse charges.

Police said they found five Kalashnikov and four pistols at the house where Abdi Iley was arrested. The fire arms were placed under police jurisdiction.

According to the Federal Attorney General’s office Abdi Iley is arrested on “suspicion of gross human rights violations” as well as “instigating ethnic & religious violence” Ethiopia’s state broadcaster ETV said.

The police also arrested individuals suspected of links with the former strongman of the Somali region who ruled for ten years.

The Somali State of Ethiopia regional parliament on Sunday unanimously decided to revoke the immunity from prosecution of the ousted former President Abdi Iley and six Mps.

Abdi Iley a close ally of the former ruling party TPLF resigned after a standoff with Addis Ababa.

Mustafa Omer who’s brother is allegedly among a long list of Abdi Iley’s political assasination targets was sworn in as President of the Somali State on Sunday.

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