Ethiopia, Somalia Security chiefs meet in Addis Ababa over terrorism

The Ethiopian National Information and Security Service and its counterpart in Somalia signed an agreement to jointly combat terrorism.

The Ethiopian National Information and Security Service and its counterpart in Somalia have signed a memorandum of understanding to carry out coordinated information exchange and joint operations to prevent Al-Shabaab, a threat in the Horn of Africa, and stop its terrorist activities.

The Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) announced that the MoU was signed by the Director General of the Ethiopian NISS, Temesegen Tiruneh, and the Director General of the National Intelligence and Security Agency of Somalia, Mahad Mohammed.

NISS DG, Temesegen Tiruneh, expressed his deep sadness at the recent terrorist attack by al-Shabaab in Mogadishu.

He mentioned that his institution has been studying the communication network of the terrorist group as it is a source of threat not only to Ethiopia and Somalia but also to the Horn of Africa at large.

Temesgen indicated that since NISS is still closely monitoring the members of the group, it will exchange information with Somalia’s information and security institutions, assist operations in selected areas, and provide multifaceted support.

The DG of Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency, General Mahad Mohamed, said that the threat posed by the Al-Shabaab terrorist group to the Horn of Africa is growing as it attacks across the borders of Somalia as well as neighboring countries.

He said that in order to eliminate the threat posed by the group in the HoA region, the intelligence and security institutions of Ethiopia and Somalia should work together to clean up the leaders and cells of the terrorist group operating in Somalia and Ethiopia.

Mahad Mohammed also stated that Ethiopia has great capacity and experience in preventing and foiling terrorism.

However, he expressed his belief that results will be achieved by implementing the cooperation agreement reached through the exchange of information, the deployment of a coordinated anti-Al-Shabaab operation, and ensuring lasting peace and security in the HoA region.


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