Djibouti appoints an ambassador to Somaliland

The President of Djibouti His Excellency Ismail Omar Gelle has for the first time ever appointed an ambassador to the breakaway states of Somaliland in Northern Somalia.

On arrival at Igal International airport in Hargeisa the new ambassador Hon: Hussein Omar Kawleeye was highly and warmly welcomed by officials from the administration of Somaliland, and he was accompanied by Somaliland’s representative in Djibouti.

“I am so delighted to be appointed as the first Djiboutian ambassador to Somaliland, I would like to thank my president for giving me this golden opportunity” said Kawleeye.

The ambassador once used to be the deputy speaker of Djibouti national assembly and has been a member of the parliament for more 20 years. Radio Dalsan Mohamed Omar Hussein [email protected]

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