Divisions between the President and Parliament threatens elections in Somalia

Serious division on mode of elections in Somalia set to be held on August this year has emerged between the President and the national assembly.

Some members of parliament have warned against the President decision to approve election model agreed during national consultation forum in Mogadishu earlier this year as a path towards constitutional crisis.

MP and former Justice Minister Abdi Hosh has termed President Hassan Sheik Mohamud move to use executive powers to bypass the parliament by approving electoral model law as unconstitutional and disrespect to the national assembly.

“The decision by the President is unconstitutional and my lead to political crisis in our country,” he said.

However the President has argued that the move is not political but way forward to democratic free and fair elections on time in the country.

“The decision I took is based on removal of the division among the parliamentarians on upcoming elections and hopelessness among our international partners,” the President said.

On other hand some members pointed finger on the international community for pushing the president without the clear knowledge on the ground.

The National Assembly Deputy chair on foreign relations and Defense committee Mohamed Omar Dalha has blamed the international community for forcing the President which he said could cause serious political crisis.

“Somalia is heading towards political crisis backed and supported by the international community,” he said.

Some political Analyst and intellectuals have praised the move by the President saying Somali parliament has been a stumbling block to political development in the country as far as peaceful and democratic elections is concerned.

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