Division threatens political party linked to former Somali President

A strong political party that is linked to former Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed is on the verge of collapse following disagreement within the party.

Daljir party which is gaining massive ground support since its formation one year ago is experiencing serious division among the top officials.

Close source has told Radio Dalsan that some of the senior party officials including the chairman are opposed to the former Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed as 2016 presidential candidate in the name of the party.

“Some officials say they will not accept Sharif to be the flag bearer of the party and instead need fresh politician,” source has told Radio Dalsan.

Other group who back Sharif candidacy come 2016 elections in Somalia  also threatened to ditch the political party if their demands are not met.

Sources have also confirmed that the party has strong international support from Gulf States and Turkey who are in favor of the return of former President.

This latest political moves comes as the international community is pushing for one man one vote election process next year.

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